Surprise – most millennials prefer gas over EV

While automakers have largely targeted their efforts to sell electric vehicles to so-called millennials and post-millennials (those born since 1980), a new online study says its results show that most consumers – including those in the target market – are far more interested in purchasing traditional gas-powered cars., which provides free online practice tests to prepare drivers for state driving exams, commissioned the study, which was conducted from April 4-17. More than 158,000 people responded to the survey, with the overwhelming majority falling between 13 and 35 years old. Four questions were asked:

  1. Would you choose an electric vehicle over a comparably priced gas-powered vehicle?
  2. On a scale of 0-10, how concerned would you be about riding in a fully self-driving car?
  3. On a scale of 0-10, will the benefits of self-driving vehicles outweigh their risks and costs?
  4. Which of the following manufacturers do you think will sell the most electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles in the next 10 years – Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Tesla, Toyota, Other or None?
The biggest surprise was that every age group – including millennials and post-millennials – said they would prefer a gas-powered vehicle over a comparably priced EV. Close to 70 percent of every age group preferred gas to electric, which surprised researchers who expected a lower number from younger age groups.
Other questions revealed that drivers had strong feelings about the safety and benefits of self-driving cars, with most drivers leaning against the new technology. And among manufacturers of EVs, Tesla was the clear choice, particularly among younger drivers.
You can view the entire report at 
Let us know! If your dealership sells EVs, which age group seems most interested in these vehicles?

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