By: Stan Sher

The five companies described in the video are excellent examples of how guest relations is practiced in successful businesses. Another great name for the title is “Client Care Center”. The BDC Manager would be the Client Care Manager and the reps would be Client Care Representative. Just imagine how much nicer that looks in the signature of an email than BDC Representative. Sales people in dealerships need to also understand how the guest relations concept works. It should be mandatory for every employee of a dealership to go through Guest Relations training. What do you think? Does it make sense? Let’s hear some thoughts on this topic.

Stan Sher is the founder of Dealer eTraining, an automotive sales and marketing consulting and training firm. As a millennial executive in the automotive industry, Stan has been able to help businesses increase profitability through forward thinking consultative selling strategies. Stan was very successful working in automotive retail where he sold Honda and Acura vehicles. He was also successful at managing Honda and Nissan and dealerships before starting Dealer eTraining. When not working with dealers Stan works as a facilitator for automotive manufacturers.

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