Trump talks to Big Three, pushes for new U.S. plants

President Donald Trump met with the chief executives of the “Big Three” U.S. automakers on Tuesday, urging them to build more cars in the United Stated and restating his promise to restore American jobs while discouraging the auto industry from investing in Mexico.

The President, who has threatened to impose sizeable tariffs on imported vehicles, met on Tuesday with the CEOs of each of the country’s three largest automakers – General Motors’ Mary Barra, Ford’s Mark Fields and Fiat Chrysler’s Sergio Marchionne. During the meeting, Mr. Trump stated that he wanted to see more auto plants build in the United States. He also pledged to cut regulations and taxes as part of a business-friendly environment that he said will exist in the country moving forward.

The meeting was the first time the heads of the nations largest automakers have met jointly with an American president since 2011, when they met with Barack Obama to discuss his plan to double fuel efficiency standards. Those same standards are now under fire as automakers are urging President Trump to rethink the aggressive mandates that arose from that meeting.

During the meeting with the president on Tuesday, the automakers discussed trade policy, fuel efficiency and regulations, as well as electric vehicles and other advanced vehicles. While it’s unlikely that a meeting with the president will change any of the carmakers’ current business plans, there is considerable optimism among them regarding the new president’s economic priorities.



Let us know! What effect do you expect President Trump to have on the auto industry?

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