Cuban immigrant car dealer + dead Castro = $15,000 discount

While there may be weeping and mourning over the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in Havana, there were few tears shed in Miami, where a large number of Cubans who escaped Castro’s regime relocated. One of those immigrants is Arnaldo Bomnin, who moved to the United States from Cuba 20 years ago when he was 26 years old. Showing the true entrepreneurial spirit that made America great, Bomnin started out working on an avocado farm, but today owns his own Chevrolet dealership in Miami.

And with the death of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Bomnin decided that the best way to celebrate the passing of a Communist icon was with something truly capitalist – a $15,000 price break off of a new car, truck or SUV through the dealership’s closing on Sunday.

It’s a great deal, but it doesn’t cover everything on the lot – the discount only pertains to some Corvettes (at least $55,450 retail), Silverados ($32,635), Tahoes ($47,215) and Suburbans ($49,915). Still, for those in the market for these vehicles, the Castro-coupon is

“Being a Cuban immigrant with some of my family still there, I know we are all praying and hoping for continued development and positive changes to come in Cuba’s future,” Bomnin said in a news release. “I was fortunate enough to make it to America and accomplish the American dream, and my hope is that one day Cubans will be able to experience the same freedoms there.”


Let us know! How do you feel about using Castro’s death to sell cars?

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