June car sales: GM down, Ford up as sales rise overall

Automakers saw mixed sales results in June, as Ford and Fiat Chrysler rose, and General Motors and Toyota fell. Industry-wide, sales increased 2.5 percent.

GM’s sales fell 1.6 percent in June, while Toyota had a much larger decrease of 5.6 percent. Meanwhile Ford and Fiat had sizeable increases of 6.4 percent and 6.5 percent, respectively.

Many of the increases and decreases are tied to the bottoming out of the small car market, and of the spike in sales of trucks and SUVs. For example, the Toyota Prius and Ford Fiesta both had sharp drops in their June sales.

FCA is having a particularly good year, with new car sales of 197,073 in June. That comes close to matching Toyota’s sales numbers of 198,257. Of course, both are trailing GM, which leads the nation in sales in spite of its drop in sales. GM’s June sales exceeded 255,000 vehicles.

Other sales winners included Nissan (13.1 percent) and Honda (3.2 percent), while the biggest loser was Volkswagen, which dropped 21.8 percent to 23,809 new car sales. For the year, VW has declined in sales by 14.6 percent, though the brand’s luxury Audi brand rose a modest 1 percent.

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