Lexus, Toyota, Subaru lead dealer survey

Foreign brands dominated a survey that measured dealer sentiment of franchise value, automaker policies and automaker field staff. At the top was Lexus, followed by Toyota, Subaru, Honda and Porsche. The only domestic brands to crack the Top 10 were Ford (No. 6) and Jeep (No. 9).

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Dealer Attitude Survey, conducted twice annually, gives a snapshot of how dealers feel about their brands. Its goal is to encourage automakers to keep an open dialogue with their franchises, and hopefully to generate productive exchanges.

In conjunction with the survey, NADA hosted more than two dozen meetings between individual automakers, members of NADA’s Industry Relations Committee, and Dealer Council representatives to review the survey findings and discuss successes, concerns, and areas for improvement. Hundreds of individuals – from the CEOs and other top executives of the major manufacturers on down – participated in these discussions and review sessions.

Lexus has retained the top overall spot for the past three years (six survey cycles), and has scored in the top five throughout the last six years.

Dealer response rates to the survey were also measured, taking into account the willingness of dealers to share their views with their manufacturers. Lexus achieved the No. 1 ranking for survey participation, with 89 percent of its dealers completing the 2016 winter survey. Mercedes-Benz was second at 85 percent, followed by Hyundai (81 percent), Porsche (81 percent), Toyota (76 percent), Ford (73 percent) and Audi (73 percent).


Let us know! Do you think the dealer surveys make a difference in the attitudes of your brand?

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  1. Charlie Webb

    40 Years and still working for a dealership, my theory is when you tie an employees job or income to perfect surveys, you are literally destroying the fun out of working in the industry. Survey are great tools as listed below, however, when you put the stress and pressure on employees from surveys is literally STUPIDITY in most employees minds and hearts. RELEASE THE ROPES manufactures and dealers, you’re destroying culture and morale at most all dealerships!
    A dealership’s employees are its lifeblood. What lesson does this type of behavior teach these employees? — That it’s OK to kink the system, cheat the manufacturer and falsify reports for monetary gain. How do you hold these employees accountable for being honest to your business when you’re teaching them that it’s OK to be dishonest?
    Managers should be role models for their employees and set an example of the culture and morality of an organization. By teaching them that it’s OK to cheat the manufacturer’s system, you’re also teaching them that it’s OK to cheat ANY system, including yours.
    For any dealership to grow, it needs to be open to feedback – both positive and negative. The best dealerships use this type of feedback to identify and fix any friction that exists in the customer’s experience. Doing this then brings more revenue through greater retention and loyalty. Happier customers generally means more dollars coming in. Turning a blind eye to the reality of what is actually going on at the dealership and falsifying CSI surveys may provide the short-term benefit of OEM bonuses or stair step money. However, it will also taint your employees and drive away customers. And that will lose more revenue than any lost money from the manufacturer. Surveys ARE IMPORTANT, but stop the nonsense and let employees breathe and enjoy their jobs, positive energy will always be the outcome.

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