Fiat, Google sign deal to make self-driving minivans

Google has reached a deal with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to put its self-driving technology into 100 Pacifica minivans. The vans will move forward Google’s year-old self-driving car program.

Google will be able to quickly expand its program because it won’t have to modify 100 minivans from scratch. Instead, it will take delivery of a fleet of 2017 Pacificas that have been altered to accommodate the array of on-board radar, laser-radar and cameras that allow cars to drive themselves.

The partnership is the first time Google’s team will be sharing with a major automaker information on how to integrate some of its secretive self-driving-car technology. To date, Google staffers have modified a few dozen Lexus SUVs and have also built a few small vehicles in-house.

As yet, neither company has forwarded a plan to put the self-driving technology into new Chrysler vehicles.


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