Mobile is affecting the traditional path to purchase

The more that mobile use becomes prevalent, the less that people’s paths to purchase are clearly defined. Whether its on their computer, tablet or cell phone, shoppers always seem to have access to the Internet, which has increased their access to both the information about products they want to buy and the ability to buy it remotely. The shifts in buyer behavior are outlined in a new eMarketer report, “The Changing Path to Purchase: What It Means to Add Mobile to the Mix.”

More than anything, customers want consistency. North American Internet users were polled last year, and 59 percent said that in-store and digital consistency was the most important part of their retail experience. Consistency across devices came in a close second at 54 percent. Meanwhile, only 36 percent of those same customers said that consistency between desktop and mobile was a priority.

A good experience with the product itself is vital, but the experience leading up to the purchase – as well as after the purchase – appears to be critical to an increasing number of buyers. Regardless of what they want, it’s clear that what customers want changes almost daily, and businesses that want to compete have to keep up.


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